No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Gets First Batch of Artwork

In perhaps the biggest news now — and certainly the greatest announcment/reveal during Nintendo’s “Nindies” Sumer Showcase — Grasshopper Manufacture declared the next and newest game in the beloved No More Heroes franchise, dubbed No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back.

That was the biggest thing, but the most surprising news is that the new Goichi “Suda51” Suda led title will strike the next year exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Being built to look better than ever in Unreal Engine 4, No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back will especially feature a set of indie developers that will be collaborating on the job. Said programmers have never been revealed, however, also the game’s introduction trailer does tease a crossover with Hotline Miami, the favorite 2012 top-down shooter from Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin.

As for details about the game itself was divulged beyond some story information. No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back is notably set seven years after the events of No More Heroes, and The Bad has returned to find some sweet revenge on Travis Touchdown to the murder of his own daughter, appropriately called Bad Girl. The two soon find themselves sucked into a phantom game console known as the Death Drive Mark II. And if you played No More Heroes you will know how the rest goes (you will have to battle your way out of all six games and defeat their individual bosses).

All of that being said the very first batch of art for the game has been released. You can check it all out below. As you would expect, the artwork shows off some over-the-top, stylistic style, and a good deal of personality and charm (pictures courtesy of Nintendo Everything).

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