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Indie 2D-Platformer Splasher Hitting Nintendo Switch Later this Month; Launch Trailer Released

The Switch version’s release comes exactly 1 month after the game strike PS4 along with Xbox One.

Splasher celebrities a purple-haired hero who is hoping to free all of Inkorp paint mill’s workers from an evil boss called Le Docteur. In order to complete this assignment, players dodge traps with a splash cannon that can take outside various kinds of water and ink and need to platform across 22 unique degrees. Players can utilize water to push themselves upwards; meanwhile, red stick-ink allows players stick with walls, along with allows players jump higher.

The Nintendo Switch version of Splasher also has a Time Attack mode in which players can place their abilities to the evaluation and try to make it through a degree as quickly as possible. The best times will be displayed off on an internet leaderboard. This launch trailer for Splasher gives players a good look in the various kinds of ink players can use along with also the Time Attack mode.

You may check out the Nintendo Switch launching preview below.

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