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Jools Watsham Sheds Light on Upcoming Projects; Soccer Slam, Treasurenauts, and More

Alongside an exposé to the inner machinations of indie sales, promotion, and success on Nintendo Switch, developer Atooi’s founder Jools Watsham has a whole lot to express about his upcoming projects. Besides the famous commodity — Xeodrifter and Totes the Goat on the horizon — Watsham has revealed two new projects such as Nintendo Switch and fleshed out what we could anticipate from his following, toughest title yet.

The first revealed project is really a Nintendo Switch arcade football name, Soccer Slammers. Drawing inspiration from the NBA Jam series, the game will contain 2-on-2 gameplay in a block-heavy unique world. In the screenshot (seen from the feature imagine), you can see actual team nationalities play that is a wonderful addition. Better still, gamers should be able to get their hands in the game by June 14, 2018 or July 15, 2018 as Watsham mentions that the game will soon be available “ahead of the World Cup. It isn’t apparent if he’s referring to the start or the ending, however the date is fast approaching.

Instead of announcing a formal release, Watsham instead nudges that the game will be receiving an upcoming Kickstarter campaign as Chicken Wiggle: Re-hatched. Of course, Chicken Wiggle is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive 2D platformer which came out only earlier last year.

Last but not least was an overall upgrade on Treasurenauts — Watsham’s crucial upcoming project inherited by the Renegade Kid split, which he asserts “is the amalgamation of everything that [he has] learned about platformers. ” Not much is known about the job itself, no matter how the huge job of gameplay layout is complete. At this point, Treasurenauts is just fine tweaking and polishing gameplay and will be useful for E3 2018. Due to financial restrictions, Watsham still needs to set a large quantity of weight behind ports and the projects to keep Atooi afloat.

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