Chronus Arc Explores PlayStation Starting Today

chronus arc released

Kemco‘s massive library of multiplatform, old school JRPG goodness continues today with the official launch of Chronus Arc. Developed by Hit-Point, Chronus Arc is a classic-inspired adventure with a marked focus on dungeon puzzles, and an open-ended class system that lets you power up your characters to your heart’s content.

Here is the official description and key features for Chronus Arc, per a press release from Kemco:

  • Story – Loka is a young boy who is training to become a Sorcerer Knight. He is heading off to get the Chronus Fragments, which are needed for the ceremony of ‘Time Rewinding’, in which the current world is overwritten by the past. However, the sudden appearance of a mysterious man intent on stealing the Fragments changes all this, and Loka finds himself on a quest with his childhood friend, Princess Sarna. Their quest is a fight for the Chronus Energy, which has the power to unify time…
  • Dungeons with Puzzles to Solve – The puzzles in dungeons are one of the major features of the game. The puzzles include switches, boxes, pots and other features, and it’s necessary to solve the puzzles before you can progress! Sometimes you might even need to make use of the enemies prowling around! Even if you fail to solve a puzzle, you can reset it with just a button press, so it’s easy to try as many times as you want to.
  • Class Changes – Characters become stronger with each class change, so it’s a good idea to change regularly! Even after a class change, any learned magic and skills will not be forgotten. Change classes as you want, to develop characters that are uniquely your own!

Chronus Arc is available now on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita for $14.99. However, the game is on sale for 10% off for the first two weeks, and it supports Cross Buy, meaning buying either version entitles you to the other.

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