Square Enix Admits That World Of Final Fantasy Maxima On Switch Budget Was Low But They’ve Done Their Very Best

The World of Final Fantasy Maxima director Hiroki Chiba has revealed more about the development of the upcoming World Of Final Fantasy Maxima which is destined to be released on the Nintendo Switch on the 6th of November. Here’s a summary of what was said in the latest edition of Japanese publication, Weekly Famitsu.

“With the Switch port [of World of Final Fantasy Maxima], we took the opportunity to enhance the game. To be completely honest, our budget was low, so what we could do was limited, but we used our time carefully and did what we could!

“While there are no plans for a sequel, I have fully written the story. If Square Enix gives us its approval, we can start development right away.”

“The difference in resolution between handheld and TV modes [on Switch] caused some trouble for the staff. The engine is the Orochi Engine. The Switch didn’t support it, but we got the engine team to support the Switch, so I think this is the first Switch game using the Orochi Engine.”

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