The Last of Us Part II Designer Calls It ‘Freakin’ Unreal’

the last of us part 2 hype

Barring Outbreak Day content and a soundtrack sample, Naughty Dog has been quiet about The Last of Us Part II since its E3 2018 gameplay reveal. It’s with good reason, though. No one wants to see too much before the sequel’s eventual launch. However, that doesn’t mean teasing of some fashion isn’t welcomed. According to a vague tease from a Naughty Dog game designer, The Last of Us‘ next outing is “freakin’ unreal.”

Designer Asher Einhorn shared the sentiment on his personal Twitter account.

What prompted Einhorn’s exclamation of enthusiasm remains unknown. Truthfully, he could be lauding any number of things, like its gameplay, animations, acting, or story. Perhaps Einhorn’s statement refers to the overall experience? Regardless, this serves as but another hint that, akin to its acclaimed predecessor, The Last of Us Part II may mark an impressive milestone in entertainment.

Because Sony isn’t hosting PSX this year, we’re left to wonder when Naughty Dog plans to show more of its latest project. Of course, The Game Awards, which takes place on December 6th, counts as one possibility. The Kinda Funny Games Showcase may provide another. By year’s end, we’ll know whether new details for The Last of Us are coming sooner rather than later.

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