Recent Splinter Cell Tweet from Ubisoft Could Be a Tease of Something to Come

Once more, the Splinter Cell alarm bells are going off on the web. This time, it’s entirely Ubisoft’s fault. Ubisoft Spain, at least. The publisher’s Spanish Twitter account posted something rather cryptic earlier today–an image of Sam Fisher with a quote about darkness attached. Neither the image nor the words offer further context with regards to the tweet’s purpose. Of course, this opened the floodgates for speculation. However, most fans in the Twitter thread simply seem eager for any news whatsoever on the franchise’s future.

The Google translation shows the tweet reading as follows: “You need to understand the darkness to face it…” Might it be a hint at some kind of incoming news? Unlikely. As tradition dictates, this seeming tease will result in nothing of consequence. A cynical assumption? Sure, but history, especially over the last several months (or even years), suggests Splinter Cell isn’t returning in the way fans want anytime soon.

Remember when The Division 2’s director joked about working on Sam Fisher’s next adventure? Who can forget Ubisoft’s unveiling that Fisher would take part in a mobile game, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, during E3 2019? Shortly thereafter, rumors began circulating that Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed may receive Oculus-exclusive VR titles, once more crushing hopes of an official revival.

All hope isn’t entirely lost, though. According to Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot, the publisher does intend to eventually pull the series off the sidelines. First, the brand requires some tender loving care before Ubisoft is ready to bring it back full-on. When that time may eventually come to pass sadly remains under wraps.

[Source: Ubisoft Spain on Twitter]

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