Developer Praises DOOM Eternal as id Software’s Best Game Yet

Without a doubt, id Software has plenty to be proud of. Its most recognizable franchises–Wolfenstein, DOOM, and Quake–laid the foundation for first-person shooters, a genre that continues to thrive over two decades later. But, apparently, audiences have yet to get their hands on the team’s best game. According to one programmer, fans will soon find that game is the upcoming DOOM Eternal.

Earlier today, id Software’s Lead Engine Programmer, Billy Khan, took to Twitter to applaud the team’s work on the latest DOOM entry. Sure, a developer calling their upcoming title the best of anything sounds biased. However, based on the Twitter post below, Khan does seem genuinely proud of all that’s been accomplished.

At the very least, Khan’s praise doesn’t at all appear misguided. One look at the newly released trailer seems a perfect show of the smoothness and fluidity the programmer touts above. Check out DOOM Eternal’s “Official Trailer 2” in the following video:

Originally meant to launch in November 2019, DOOM Eternal was pushed back several months. The developers wanted more time to craft the best possible experience. From the looks of things, the extra development time is treating id Software and the newest DOOM installment well.

DOOM Eternal is due out on March 20th for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Fans who preorder the title will gain access to a copy of DOOM 64, regardless of platform.

[Source: Billy Khan on Twitter via GamingBolt]

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