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With the Early Access release of Temtem, the impossible has finally happened. There is now a Pokémon like game available on PC, that is also a MMO, filling a niche that frankly I’m surprised hasn’t already been filled. As the game will be available to the public for the first time, you may wish to get up to speed with the basics. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a useful chart and some advice to get you started.

Temtem guide

Our Temtem guide has some information on which starter Temtem to pick, as well as some useful Temtem tips for new players. If you are looking for a Temtem type chart, you can find it in our Temtem type chart guide.

Temtem guide contents

Temtem is a monster collecting RPG that is very similar to Pokémon in many ways, from battling evil teams and dojos, to trading and interacting with real people. It is also a massively multiplayer online game, so you can chat to other nearby players and see them wandering around taming Temtems.

You begin by selecting a Temtem to be your starter Temtem, and are soon fighting in battles that always have two Temtem against two other Temtem. I highly recommend that you check out RPS video person Astrid’s excellent video on exactly what to expect from Temtem, as she guides us through a small portion of the game.

Temtem will be available in Early Access on PC via Steam on January 21st, 2020.

Much like Pokémon, you begin your Temtem journey by choosing your very first starter Temtem. You have the choice between Crystle, Smazee, and Houchic. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages, so it does depend on how much of an easy time you want to have when starting your journey. Each one also has its own type, and you can get a handy chart in our Temtem type chart guide.

Temtem starter - Crystle


  • Type: Crystal
  • Evolves: Sherald (Level 30)
  • Positives: Resistant to electric types, which are common in the alpha build. Decent HP, attack, and defence stats.
  • Negatives: Terrible speed and high stamina costs later on. Has a high number of weaknesses. Learns the fewer moves by level up than the others.

Temtem starter - Smazee


  • Type: Melee
  • Evolves: Baboong (Level 30)
  • Positives: High defence and attack stats. Learns a lot of moves that cost low stamina for their damage output.
  • Negatives: The number of Crystal and Earth types early on can prove to be a hurdle. Horrible special attack and special defence stats.

Temtem starter - Houchic


  • Type: Mental
  • Evolves: Tental (Level 30)
  • Positives: Has a very high special attack and admirable special defence. Eventually learns Beta Burst at Level 20, and has the high priority moves.
  • Negatives: Low HP and attack. It’s also weak to three types (Electric, Digital, and Crystal) and needs traits to get up to speed. Starting moves require waiting a turn before using them.

Newer players may find that starting out with Crystle will yield the best results in the early game and won’t need to resort to capturing many more Temtems to bolster their team. However, that does not mean that Smazee and Houchic aren’t as good. What they lack in the beginning of the game, either due to unfortunate type match-ups or their starting moves being quite restrictive, they more than make up for it when they reach higher levels.

Temtem status conditions

There are a whole bunch of status conditions that you’ll need to learn too. More of them will be added as Temtem enters Early Access, but here are the Temtem status conditions we currently know of and what they do:

  • Cold: Does nothing by itself. If Cold is afflicted twice, the Temtem becomes Frozen. Can be replaced by Burnt.
  • Frozen: Frozen Temtem can’t attack. Can be replaced by Burnt.
  • Burnt: Lose 1/16 of total health every turn. Reduces attack by 30%. Can be replaced by Cold.
  • Asleep: Sleeping Temtem can’t attack. Any damage dealt to sleeping Temtem will wake them up.
  • Doomed: Once the turn counter on the Doomed Temtem reaches zero, the Temtem faints.
  • Poisoned: Lose 1/8 of total health every turn.
  • Exhausted: Stamina costs increase by 50%.
  • Vigorized: Stamina costs decrease by 50%.
  • Immune: Cannot be affected by new status conditions.
  • Regenerated: Heal 1/16 of total health every turn.

Temtem guide 1

Finally, before we go, here are some other Temtem tips for players just starting out, and maybe some for those who were lucky enough to have already played the game during its closed test.

  • 1. If a Temtem uses an attack at low stamina, it’ll use all the remaining stamina and take the remaining stamina cost as health damage. Stamina is healed a little bit every turn, but you can use the “Rest” command to restore more stamina at the cost of a turn for that Temtem.
  • 2. If two Temtem share a type, they can breed. Each time they breed, their level of fertility will reduce by one. There is no way to regain fertility.
  • 3. Wild Temtem normally have a base level fertility level of 8, but having better SV values (Single Values) reduces this by one for each stat with a good SV value. This can go as low as Fertility level 4.
  • 4. You can breed two sets of Temtem at one time. It normally takes 25 minutes to produce an egg, or 15 if they’re the same evolutionary line.
  • 5. Hatching an egg takes 5-45 minutes and must be done with it in your party. The length of time depends on the child Temtem’s capture rate.
  • 6. Temtem can have one of two traits. These traits activate at different points in battle, depending on the trigger and effect. Evolving Temtem gain new traits.
  • 7. Gear are items that can be equipped to Temtem. Most are obtained by completing quests or finding them in the world.
  • 8. Temtem have three different types of attack:
    Physical attacks compare the user’s attack stat and the defender’s defence stat.
    Special attacks compare the user’s special attack stat and the special defender’s special defence stat.
    Status attacks don’t deal damage but modify battle conditions.
  • 9. Pay attention to which attacks are targeting which Temtem. For example, some can affect your opponent’s team, while others affect everyone.
  • 10. You may have heard of “Luma” Temtem. These are differently coloured Temtem much like Shiny Pokémon are in the Pokémon games, so they do not have different stats. They’re mostly caught for bragging rights.

Thanks so much for checking out our Temtem guide. I hope that you found some useful information that you were looking for. There is a Temtem type chart guide if you need it. If there are any top tips that you come across for Temtem, do share them below and the best ones will get added to the list. Until then, have fun in snagging the lot of them!

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