Animal Crossing: New Horizons Character Renders Appear, Long Sleeves For Animals Confirmed


A fresh batch of official character renders for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has appeared, giving us a good look at some of our favourite villagers (islanders?) in the new game, and confirming an absolute bombshell: they can wear long sleeves!

We jest, of course, but this is actually a series first and will no doubt add another small dose of personality to each animal you meet. In past entries, any clothing worn by an animal was immediately transformed into a sleeveless variant, but now we can see them wearing full-sleeved woolly cardigans and hoodies and they’re somehow even cuter than before.

The following scan comes from the March 2020 issue of Nintendo Dream (with thanks to Japanese Nintendo):

AcNintendo Dream, via Japanese Nintendo

We’ve recently been treated to screenshots, pre-order bonuses and special merch for the game, but it still feels like there’s plenty we don’t know about it. If you missed the news, Japanese magazine CoroCoro has teased a “scoop” in an upcoming issue, so hopefully more information is headed our way soon.

If you’re interested in grabbing a copy of Nintendo Dream (the source for the character renders above) you can do just that by ordering issues from Play-Asia.

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