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Rogue One writer wants to make a movie based on Remedy’s Control, and the developer is interested

By Kirk McKeand,
Tuesday, 21 January 2020 09:38 GMT

You know those annoying tweets where someone asks a simple question and they’re just after loads of quote RTs but you still can’t help but answer them?

I’ve seen a few that are the same over the past few weeks: “What video game series would you want to see a TV adaptation of?” No doubt these people were inspired by the recent release of Netflix’s The Witcher. Either way, my answer was always the same: Control.

Remedy’s third-person action game is weird. It’s a world of twisting corridors and supernatural rubber ducks. It’s about the thin membrane that separates our world from whatever lies in the periphery – X-Files for the modern audience.

Now, someone just did one of these question tweets, asking what game series people would like to see as a movie, and whether or not the person replying like to write it. Rogue One writer Gary Whitta replied and said he’d love to pen a Control movie. Remedy’s head of communications responded, saying the two of them should talk, then they took the chat to the DMs.

Obviously this doesn’t mean anything will happen, but I’m excited about just the possibility of a movie based on that world.

Gary Whitta recently said he’d love to work on a Star Fox movie adaptation as well. If you’re not familiar with Star Fox, it’s basically Star Wars for furries.

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