Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Show Cactuar and Carbuncle, the Nail Bat, and Midgar Side Quests

With every day that passes, it seems like Square Enix wants to keep reminding fans that Final Fantasy VII Remake is actually real and it’s actually coming soon. The team has been slowly trickling out new information and screenshots, even as the game saw a brief delay earlier this year. The latest batch of Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots includes stills from the recent Theme Song trailer, as well as a few new looks at characters, weapons, and the brand new side quests that will help fill out this Midgar chapter of the story.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots – Weapons, Materia, Combat

A few new combat screens show off Tifa in action. Just like with Cloud, her basic attacks use Square for quick strikes, while triangle will unleash a more devastating powerful attack. She retains her melee fighting style, using punches and kicks to defeat enemies.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Tifa 4

Another screenshot shows Aerith using the Regen materia. While she can be deadly with her staff, Aerith traditionally plays a support role as the party’s healer.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Aerith Heal

Square Enix also showed off Cloud’s Nail Bat, an iconic weapon that sees Cloud trading out his massive sword for a bat embedded with nails. In the original Final Fantasy VII, the Nail Bat wasn’t available until the mid-to-late game. It could be found in the Temple of the Ancients or purchased in Junon after obtaining the Highwind airship. With Final Fantasy VII Remake expected to conclude just after the party escapes Midgar, this weapon can now be obtained somewhere within the city.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Nail Bat

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots – Midgar Side Quests

The Midgar section of the original game was actually fairly linear in nature (due to the inability to re-enter the city once you left). Now comprising an entire game itself, Square Enix had to find a way to expand Midgar with additional stories and tasks. This is our first look at some of the tracked sidequests that Cloud can undertake, but they also show us a few more interesting details about how Square Enix is reorganizing the Midgar section and changing what we know.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Side quests

Another set of side missions are called Battle Reports, a series of research assignments that ask players to complete certain tasks in battle in order to get new materia to buy. Battle Reports are undertaken from Chadley, an assistant to Professor Hojo, in the Sector 7 slums. Sector 7 is the area of Midgar that houses Tifa’s Seventh Heaven bar, as well as the hideout for AVALANCHE. This section is eventually crushed when Shinra collapses the upper plate, killing all the residents of Sector 7. While the original Final Fantasy VII didn’t offer much reason or ability to explore this area, it looks like it will be a main expanded area for the remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Battle Report

The screenshot for the Battle Reports also shows an area that is brightly lit, rocky and sandy, unlike any obviously known areas within Midgar from the original game (except perhaps just outside of Aerith’s house and the paths leading to it). The above screenshot for the side quests hints at a chapter-based structure for the story, so some of these characters and quests could become inaccessible as it moves forward.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Battle report 1

Final Fantasy VII Remake Limited Edition Summons

And finally, we get a good look at some of the Final Fantasy VII Remake special edition summons. These are summons that you can only get with certain special editions of the game. It’s unknown if they are entirely exclusive to those purchases or if players will eventually be able to unlock/obtain them in-game. We get to see Chocobo Chick, Carbuncle, and Cactuar in action. The shot of Cactuar also shows the brightly-lit rocky area, perhaps hinting that we’ll get to venture into the wasteland surrounding Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Cactuar 1

You can get a look at the full gallery of new Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots in the gallery below, including renders of Red XIII, Hojo, the Carbuncle redesign, and even more combat images. Do you notice any other major changes from the original game?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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