A PlayStation 5 Version Could Be an ‘Obvious Next Step’ for Dreams

Following an extensive development cycle, Media Molecule’s Dreams is finally out of its year-long early access phase and available in stores. Given its late-gen release, might the PlayStation 4 title eventually migrate to the upcoming PlayStation 5? Nothing is concrete just yet, but one developer at Media Molecule thinks it may be an “obvious next step.”

Creative Director Mark Healey addressed the possibility of Dreams on PS5 during an interview with Metro. He told the publication, “Obviously, we’re focusing on the PS4 at the moment, but assuming it gains traction and is a success that’s an obvious next step [to put it on PlayStation 5].” Reportedly, Healey also said a PC version isn’t in the works. This doesn’t mean it may never happen, however. Last year, Media Molecule Co-founder, Kareem Ettouney, said Dreams would need to perform well before steps such as PC ports are considered.

During the Metro interview, Healey also spoke on how Dreams might expand in the future. For example, the studio does not consider it another game. Rather, Dreams represents more of a platform. “I can’t imagine there’d ever be a Dreams 2, it’s just Dreams gets updated and we keep supporting it,” he said. “It’s not like there’s a YouTube 2, is there?” This certainly aligns with what Shuhei Yoshida once referred to as Sony’s 10-year plan for Media Molecule’s newest title.

Additionally, Healey shared his “ambition” of consumers one day purchasing games and other creations made in Dreams separately. These experiences would exist on their own on the PlayStation Store, meaning the full purchase of Dreams wouldn’t be necessary to play them. It does indeed sound ambitious, but who wouldn’t like to see Media Molecule and Sony pull it off?

Dreams is out now exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

[Source: Metro News]

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