Taipei Game Show Organizers Cancel Rescheduled Event Amid Coronavirus Escalation

Taipei Game Show 2020 was one of the first gaming events affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Originally slated to take place from February 6th to February 9th, organizers postponed the show to June 25th through June 28th. Now those rescheduled dates have been outright called off, due to coronavirus‘ continued escalation in recent weeks. As such, Taipei Game Show will not be held this year.

With 235 confirmed coronavirus cases in Taiwan, this decision marks the organizers’ efforts to comply with Taiwan CDC guidelines, which forbid events featuring more than 100 people. Border patrol initiatives are also limiting travel into the country, meaning the event’s foreign exhibitors would not have been permitted entry. Furthermore, since Taipei Game Show typically hosts approximately 300,000 attendees, organizers had no choice but to cancel festivities. The organizing committee’s statement notes that all exhibitors who were scheduled to attend this year’s show will receive full refunds on paid fees and deposits.

Like a few other recently cancelled events, Taipei Game Show organizers intend to host some sort of live counterpart. At the time of writing, two showcases are in the works–Taipei Game Show LIVE! and Online Business Matching Event. Both will serve as a means to share news and announcements. Specific details remain under wraps at present, but updates will be posted on the event’s official website.

Events in July and onward are still on track to occur as usual. EVO 2020 represents one such gathering, which kicks off on July 31st. Gamescom is scheduled not too long thereafter in late August. Both shows are subject to change should the coronavirus pandemic worsen or fail to improve.

[Source: Taipei Game Show via Gematsu]

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