Minecraft Dungeons multiplayer guide: crossplay explained

Minecraft Dungeons is a lot more fun, albeit a lot more challenging, when you’re playing with friends. Teaming up with another player is rather simple to set up, whether you’re playing with friends online or family members in the same household.

You do need to do a few things first in order to set up multiplayer, but once you have, you’ll be exploring levels with family and friends in no time. Just make sure to have each other’s back, as the monsters do get tougher when playing with other people.

But one of the bigger questions that Minecraft Dungeons players have asked is: when is crossplay coming to the game? Sadly, not yet. But if you’re using the same PC we have all of the tips you need to get started.

In this Minecraft Dungeons multiplayer guide, we will be teaching you how to set up local multiplayer and how to set up online multiplayer, as well as explaining how the multiplayer mode works. We will also with Minecraft Dungeons crossplay.

Minecraft Dungeons multiplayer

Minecraft Dungeons can be played solo, but it’s a lot more fun when you and your friends are battering your way through hordes of Creepers and corrupted Illagers. You and up to three other heroes can venture into both story missions and secret missions in a quest to find better loot.

There are some key things to keep in mind whenever you’re playing multiplayer:

  • Dungeons are generally harder with multiple people exploring them.
  • Players can use simple commands to communicate with the other player.
  • You can reunite with another player by using the Ender Pearl. The teleportation process takes a short time once you’ve chosen the target player you wish to warp to.
  • You may find monster spawn cubes in levels. Hit them repeatedly to make them stop churning out monsters.
  • If an ally falls in battle, you have 30 seconds to revive them or you will both lose a life. To revive a player, click on them and wait a few seconds.
  • When an ally has fallen, the night will begin setting in. Monsters will randomly spawn around the area and close in on the fallen ally.
  • When an ally is revived, they will only have a slither of health. Make sure that you use a potion to restore back to full health if you are revived.
  • Loot and emeralds are not shared, but arrows and consumable items are.

Since Minecraft Dungeons is available for Windows 10, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, it will eventually be possible to play with up to three other players across any combination of those devices.

Sadly, crossplay is not currently available in Minecraft Dungeons. Mojang have said that crossplay will be coming at a later date though via a free update, so your friends can connect to your game, no matter what device they are playing the game on. As soon as this update goes live, we will be giving you all the information you need to connect with your friends.

For those who are able to play Minecraft Dungeons with friends in the same space, you will need multiple controllers. This is because the PC version can’t support multiple keyboard and mouse setups on the same PC. You can have one person using keyboard and mouse, while other players use controllers.

To set up a local multiplayer game, select “offline game” from the main menu. Here you can have up to three other players to join your game. Each will be able to select their own skins from a limited selection, before appearing in the camp.

The majority of people will likely be connecting with friends for online multiplayer. This has two advantages compared to local multiplayer: you’ll be following your own hero around each level since you are not confined to (splitscreen/a limited space), and you’ll be able to use whatever control setup you want.

You will need to be friends with the other players, so make sure that you have added your friend’s Xbox gamer tag before running the game. Once this is done, head into Minecraft Dungeons. To set up an online multiplayer game, select “online game” from the main menu. Here you can see who’s online and who’s offline. Select “Start Online Game” to head to the camp. From here, open up the Friend tab (Default on keyboard is F). Here you can invite up to three other players to join your game.

If you have a family sharing account with some friend’s Xbox accounts linked to it, it is possible to play Minecraft Dungeons on separate devices online. It’s not perfect as we did struggle to get it working with one of our shared accounts, but a second account was able to play with no issues. Microsoft have a guide on how to do this here.

Minecraft Dungeons multiplayer

Minecraft Dungeons guide series

Thanks for reading our Minecraft Dungeons multiplayer guide. You’ll find plenty more guides for the game in the section below, so do check them out.

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