Destiny 2’s Upcoming Fall Expansion Teased, Full Year 4 Reveal on June 9th

Grab your winter jackets, things are about to get cold. Bungie is teasing the Destiny 2 fall expansion, with a full reveal set for June 9th, the day this year’s final season kicks off. It looks like we’re heading to the moon of Europa, an icy heavenly body said to house the Deep Stone Crypt (which has a ton of ties to the creation of Exos, and story implications for Cayde-6). The teases started with a now-deleted-publicly-but-still-accessible-if-you-know-the-link post on the official Destiny Instagram.

That short video features Eris Morn trekking through snow of what many are assuming to be Europa, a moon of Jupiter. She’s clearly looking for something. She holds her hand up and uses the light to shield her from the storm. She reaches… something. Cut to the reveal date of June 9th. The imagery mimicks a lot of the original Destiny teaser where the astronauts on Mars discovered the Traveler. Whatever Eris has found, it’s big.

Players eagerly awaited the teaser to actually go live and be confirmed by Bungie, but instead, the developer dropped a whole different teaser trailer today. This one features the Drifter flying a smaller jumpship out of the Derelict (his larger ship where Gambit opens up at). As he approaches the surface of Europa, he flips a flaming Gambit coin through his fingers. The scene cuts once again to the reveal date of June 9th at 9 am PT. You can watch that teaser in full below:

It also gives a site to visit that currently doesn’t have much information other than reconfirming the reveal date, saying “Tune in for the next chapter of Destiny 2.” June 9th is when Season 11 kicks off, concluding the current Season of the Worthy storyline which has the Almighty hurtling towards the last city. Very little is known about what Season 11 holds, but the Pyramid ships are clearly coming. With Bungie’s new way of ongoing storytelling, it’s difficult for the company to market what’s coming next without spoiling current aspects of the narrative. While we still don’t know how Season 10 will conclude or what Season 11 will entail, we now know that Season 12—and ultimately Year 4—of Destiny 2 will take us to Europa. Bungie’s been getting a lot better about wrapping the game in mystery after overly advertising events and narrative beats earlier in this year’s roadmap.

June 9th is set to be a big day then, both giving us a look at the new Destiny 2 fall expansion and at the very season of content that will launch that day. Is this what Zavala voice actor Lance Reddick was recording? It’s also possible this could finally give us details on how Bungie plans to move the game onto next-generation consoles, which we know are coming.

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