Torchlight 3 Early Access Review

Torchlight 3 Early Access reviewed by T.J. Hafer on PC.

“There’s nothing desperately wrong with Torchlight 3, which just came out in Early Access form a week ago. It’s a flashy, bombastic, nicely-paced action-RPG with tons of enemies to slash, blast, and explode for the tasty loot inside. The problem is that it doesn’t really do much to effectively set itself above or apart from the embarrassment of riches we have to pick from in this genre right now. When I could be playing Diablo 3 or Wolcen or Path of Exile or even one of the older Torchlight games, I keep looking for a reason why I’d choose Torchlight 3… and so far, the early access version hasn’t really given me one.”


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