Take-Two CEO Believes Sony Will Have an Aggressive Approach to Next-Gen Content and Marketing

Take-Two Interactive CEO, Strauss Zelnick, has said that he believes Sony will aggressively approach the next gen in content and marketing terms.

In an interview with Protocol, Zelnick added that while he believes Microsoft will do well with the Xbox Series X and S, it’ll face a challenge in certain markets where Sony has historically dominated. He also pointed out that Microsoft’s financial position can help to make it more competitive.

Zelnick said:

So far it looks to me as though they’re both approaching this launch very aggressively. We’ve always worked happily with both parties. We would like to see both be very successful. In certain parts of the world, as you know, Sony had a preferred position last time around. I think Microsoft is working very, very hard to see that that’s not repeated. I think it will be a challenge in Asia, where Sony’s dominated. But if I had to guess, I think Microsoft is going to do very well.

I think you’re going to see that they [Sony] will be very aggressive on the content side and on the marketing side. They are going to focus, as they always do, on aiming at an advantage on the content side. But Microsoft’s trying to do the same thing; as you know, Microsoft has bought some studios. There’s a lot of stuff that they own and control. Perhaps they’ll do more of that. They have a great balance sheet.

Microsoft has already revealed the price and release date for the Xbox Series X/S. Sony is expected to unveil this information later today.

[Source: Protocol]

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