Square Enix boss: Coronavirus caused “time to stand still” and “we couldn’t develop anything”

Yosuke Matsuda, the chief executive of Square Enix, has stated in a recent interview with The Financial Times that the coronavirus pandemic has caused “time to stand still” on production of the company’s new titles. The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have caused consumer video game spending to rise considerably, but it seems a number of key Japanese video game development companies were impacted severely by the restrictions of developing big budget games from home. It seems fairly obvious from the interview with Mr. Matsuda that a number of future titles from the development studio will be pushed back.

“There is also a considerable impact on the production side. It will resonate in the future. What we are selling now may have provided some positive aspects, but on the negative side time has stood still in terms of production. We couldn’t develop anything. That is where the impact will come,” said Mr Matsuda, whose company has annual revenues of $2.5bn.

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