Hitman 3 Review

Reviewed by Luke Reilly on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Also available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.

“Rich, rewarding, and highly replayable, Hitman 3 is a superb instalment of IO’s idiosyncratic but much-loved stealth series. The fundamentals haven’t changed since 2016 but its collection of outstanding maps makes for a refined, reliable, and robust curtain-closer to the current Hitman trilogy. Six maps may sound slimbut each one is huge and designed to be played several times over – and even then it’s very unlikely you’ll have uncovered all of its creative and surprising assassination opportunities. There really isn’t a weak one in the bunch. The barcoded butcher has made a lot of appearances over the past 20 years, but Hitman 3 is definitely one of his best.”

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