Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode Arrives on March 9, Single Player Missions Also Arrive for Season Pass Holders

The delayed online mode for Watch Dogs: Legion will finally be arriving on March 9 as part of a free update, bringing along a host of new content for players looking to team up with their friends or family. On the same day, there’ll also be two new single-player missions for Season Pass owners.

Originally due to be released in December before being delayed to early 2021, the online mode will now arrive next month. The update will include free-roam open-world four-player co-op across London, complete with city events, challenges and side activities. There’ll be new co-op missions where 2-4 players take on threats at some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, and a new four-player co-op Tactical Op called “Leader of the Pack”. The latter will be made up of five interconnected narrative missions for those wanting a challenge—it’s endgame content specifically for those with upgraded gadgets, great communication, and a good mix of characters. More Tactical Ops will be introduced later.

There will be competitive multiplayer options too. The first of those is a four-player mode known as Spiderbot Arena. Each player will be controlling an armed spiderbot in a free-for-all fight to the death. All co-op and competitive online activities will give players XP to unlock rewards like cosmetics, as well as influence points for upgrading gadgets and recruiting new operatives.

Also arriving on March 9 is two single-player missions for Season Pass holders:

Guardian Protocol:

  • DedSec tracks an algorithm that could allow AI to override human decisions. If they don’t find it, it could be used to turn weaponized drones into autonomous executioners.

Not in Our Name:

  • A secret group is stealing DedSec’s name. Worse, they’re also stealing information so their employer, a ruthless tabloid owner, can use it to blackmail their victims.

Ubiosft also dated some of the future updates we can expect, such as new co-op missions, free characters, and an Invasion PvP mode. Meanwhile, Season Pass owners will get more DedSec missions, the Bloodline story expansion, and four new playable heroes: Mina, Darcy, Aiden Pearce, and Wrench. More details will be released on these in the future, including their release dates.

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