For Honor: Asunder – Official Story Trailer

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Year 5: Season 1 of For Honor, Asunder, which kicks off on March 11, 2021.

Year 5: Season 1 will bring a limited-time in-game event, the Horkos Masquerade, that will let players prove themselves to the Order of Horkos through a new 4v4 game mode: Carousel of Horkos. Additionally, players can expect an update to the Warden, new armor variation and weapons throughout the season, more in-game events, a Battle Pass and Battle Bundle containing an all-new paired emote along with weapons, executions, effects, and more.

The ongoing war continues to pit the warriors of the Chimera Alliance and the Order of Horkos against each other. However, Asunder represents a period of great abundance for the warriors as they enjoy festivities within their respective covenants.

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