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Set sail with an Alchemist Adventure on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

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We’d kind of forgotten about Alchemist Adventure, as after a slew of details and info blasts in the latter end of 2020, all had gone quiet. Until now that is as it pops up for release on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Available to purchase and download right now, Alchemist Adventure has been developed by those at Bad Minions, being pushed out to market via the team. It promises much too, thrusting players into a world that if jammed packed with adventure, before working an action RPG style affair in which the land of Isur is traversed. 

Running a price of £16.74/$19.99, it’s this strange land that you must navigate your way through. The problem is, you awake here with no memories, no friends, and absolutely not a clue as to what is going on. You fast realise that this world – that of Isur – is a dangerous one, but full of secrets. 

We’re looking at standard videogame fare here; secrets, danger, tales of the unexpected. But there’s something about Alchemist Adventure that attempts to set this journey apart from the slew of others we’ve taken in. That comes in the form of the power that you gain, left to utilise nature’s four elements – fire, water, air, earth – to create all manner of potions. With alchemical puzzles ahead, and the most frightening of enemies to go up against, you’ll want to learn how to use those skills – fast. 

As progression is made, you begin to understand what this adventure entails. it transpires that you are Mya, and you are on a quest to find your daughter and husband. From there, the region ahead unfolds nicely, particularly as you begin to interact with the environment with your alchemy skills. Throw in some cooperative play if you can handle it, and well, you’ve got one hell of an adventure. 

Key features include:

  • Discover a mysterious world — During the game you will explore different locations, from laboratories and dungeons, to a factory deep inside the heart of a volcano. Each region features unique challenges, sinister secrets, different enemies to fight, and lore to reveal.
  • Concoct potions from the four elements — Use the four basic elements (fire, water, air, earth) along with special ingredients (from cuprum to nigredo) to create bombs, elixirs, and sword oils. There’s a potion for every task, and you can craft your own unique recipes!
  • Transform the world around you — Interact with the environment using alchemy. Raise the water level of a lake, cross a river by creating ice platforms, use the wind to move objects, and create lightning to start an engine!
  • Solve alchemical puzzles — Combine elements to open chests, make paths, or find hidden objects.
  • Elemental monsters await — Use elements to discover enemies’ weaknesses and try different strategies to defeat them.
  • Switch between characters or play co-op — Join the journey as a flying homunculus that can fight, solve puzzles, collect resources, and play with a friend!

You’ll find Alchemist Adventure present and correct on the digital stores of Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 , Nintendo Switch and PC. As an Xbox-centric site, we’d best point you the way of the Xbox Store

We should well be able to get some thoughts and a full review of Alchemist Adventure on Xbox sent out towards your eyes soon. 

Game Description:

Explore a world full of adventure in this action RPG! Travel across the land of Isur, exploring ruins, abandoned factories and even the inside of a volcano! Discover what has become of the former alchemists’ homeland and unveil the secrets of the city and your own past.

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