Minimalist Visual Novel ‘The Last Survey’ Puts The World’s Fate In Your Hands

From Essay Games and RedDeerGames, visual novel The Last Survey has secured a 6th August release date on Switch.

Made up of more than 1,500 hand-illustrated black and white drawings, The Last Survey is said to offer a “unique story-rich experience about the Earth’s bleak future”. In the game, you’re stuck in a world devastated by large companies (which isn’t too hard to imagine, is it?) and your job is to deliver a survey that can save the planet once and for all.

“The story forces you to reflect on issues related to globalism, extraction capitalism and executive greed, which all have a negative impact on the environment. The main protagonist’s silhouette is memorable for a long time, leaving you with many different emotions.

Mega-corporations destroy the environment on a daily basis and you must stop them before it’s too late. As a specialist hired by a big company, your task is to deliver a survey, which can influence the world’s fate.”

Liking what you’re seeing? Here’s a list of key features and a selection of screenshots:

– Over 1500 of hand-drawn drawings – digital, graphite, and charcoal arts
– Choose-Your-Own Adventure – lead the story with monologue and dialog options
– Multiple endings depending on how you conduct yourself
– Dynamic soundtrack – created by famous artist Lewis Kopenhafer
– Story-rich narrative – with themes like globalism, extractionist capitalism and executive greed

As mentioned above, The Last Survey launches on Switch on 6th August. Pre-orders are available starting from today, and if you do decide to purchase early, you’ll benefit from a 40% discount.

As ever, make sure to share your thoughts on this one in the comments below. Will you be giving it a go?

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