Rumour: Nintendo insider Natedrake talks about a more powerful Switch set for release Holiday 2022 – Early 2023

It is clear Nintendo is planning and developing its successor to the Nintendo Switch as development and planning generally begins in earnest once the launch model is out the door. Bloomberg is one publication which has detailed a more powerful Switch system which some believe will either be a Nintendo Switch Pro and others believe it is most likely the successor to the Nintendo Switch. With the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) which launched on Friday being the premium Switch system, but without any substantial improvements to the innards, all eyes are on what Nintendo has planned next.

Reliable Nintendo insider NateDrake has appeared in a new video and has spoken about what he’s heard from his sources regarding a more powerful Nintendo Switch system which he’s heard Nintendo is planning to release between holiday 2022 and early 2023. From what he’s heard it is unlikely to be a Switch Pro but a new machine and 4K will be achieved on the system via DLSS. Development kits for the new units apparently went out to major developers late last year and smaller developers are now starting to receive theirs and are being told to have the games ready by Christmas 2022. NateDrake says that the new machine isn’t natively backwards compatible due to a different hardware innards, but he’s heard that Nintendo is planning to try and work around it but it’s not been confirmed as of yet whether it will play original Nintendo Switch games. Here’s some of the details from Reset Era member SilverX:

  • No longer sounds like a Switch Pro but a Switch 2/Switch 4k based on what was learned, it all depends on how the marketing presents the product
  • 4k will be achieved through DLSS
  • Big publishers/developers got the dev kits late 2020 with smaller ones getting them this year
  • As of right now it is not naively BC with the Switch 1 due to it being different hardware and lacking TX1, but there are ways around it, depends on what Nintendo will do
  • Devs are working on exclusives, some PS/Xbox ports
  • Devs are targeting their games being “done” by late 2022, but a game being done doesn’t necessarily mean thats when it releases for various reasons.
  • Hears it will release within Holiday 2022 – Early 2023 period, within those 6 months (supply constraints make it hard to know exactly when it is possible, meaning could miss holiday season) 


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