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Halo Infinite players with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate sub get double XP boosts and exclusive rewards

If you’re the proud owner of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and have been spending your spare time in the futuristic arenas of Halo Infinite, rewards are headed your way in the form of double XP boosts, challenge swaps, and the exclusive Pass Tense MA40 AR Coating.

This promotion will come as a running monthly package, providing the prizes mentioned above to all those who apply. The first pack will be landing with players on December 8, with continued support coming for the foreseeable future.

Players will have to check the perks gallery on their Xbox platform of choice in order to receive these gifts, which are coming in the midst of the ongoing controversy surrounding Halo Infinite’s progression system and their effect on the player experience.

For those not in the know, Halo Infinite’s main progression system comes in the form of a challenge-based battle pass. Players have several concerns with this system, the most obvious of which being how long it takes to make your way through the 100-level battle pass, and how completing challenges tempts players away from playing to win in multiplayer matches.

343 Industries has made several changes in an attempt to address these issues, and has reassured players that it will continue to monitor the situation. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate rewards are a nice treat for those who’ve paid for the service, but those without will have to continue battling against the rough edges on an otherwise exceptional first person shooter.

If you’re looking for further updates on Halo Infinite, we’ve covered the hard-hitting campaign launch trailer, alongside 343 Industries’ response to the growing concerns surrounding cheating in Halo Infinite.

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