The Tomorrow Children Will Release for PS4 and Likely Won’t Be Free To Play

Q-Games is planning on changing some aspects of its cult PS4 title The Tomorrow Children. In addition to post-launch content, Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert revealed that the game will likely no longer be a free-to-play title. Furthermore, Cuthbert expressed the intention to replace the game’s servers with a peer-to-peer service. The company aims to release the game sometime in 2022 for the PS4.

In an interview with Famitsu, Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert, Ryuji Nishikawa, and Kazushi Maeta talked about the process of acquiring The Tomorrow Children‘s IP from Sony. The Tomorrow Children initially launched for the PS4 back in 2016. Though the game received high praise, Sony shut down The Tomorrow Children‘s servers a year and a half later. Cuthbert reveals that the reason behind the shutdown was due to the game’s lack of monetization. While the team initially considered releasing an offline version of the game, it ultimately took Q-Games over 5 years to acquire the rights to The Tomorrow Children.

Regardless, the folks at Q-Games sound excited about the game’s future. Notably, Cuthbert revealed that the game will likely launch for the PS4 sometime in 2022. Q-Games is also considering releasing the game for other consoles. One of the more notable changes planned is in the game’s multiplayer. Q-Games intends to replace the server-based matching system with a peer-to-peer service, meaning user consoles will communicate directly with each other without the use of a server.

For now, however, Cuthbert confirms that the game’s progression and game systems will be revamped. Additionally, Nishikawa expressed interest in developing more content for the game post-launch — something the team planned to do during the original launch back in 2016.

He does add a caveat, however; due to the involved costs of developing new content for the game, the team intends to wait for user reception after the game launches. Furthermore, Cuthbert also states that the game will likely move away from its previous free-to-play model. What the final game will look like is still up in the air, but the return of The Tomorrow Children‘s is something to definitely keep an eye out for.

[Source: Famitsu December 16 Issue]

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